Coaches Meetings:
Saturday, Jan 21st:
11:00 AM Any Age
12:00 Noon Any Age
Sunday, Jan 23rd
11:00 AM Any Age
12:00 Noon Any Age
1. Background Checks: These must be done every year online at under Protect Youth Sports. Again, these must be done EVERY YEAR!
2. Roster sheets: Will all be done online.
3. Birth Certificates: Must be shown to Charlie one time, and then you get them back. Never needed again for that child.
4. Accident Report Paperwork: It is all online. You must fill one out when a child is injured and describe the injury and how it happened. Print out the form and bring it to the office.
5. Rule Book and Changes: All changes are in bold print. Birthdate cutoff is April 30th. Your age as of April 30th is your playing age. Wood bats will be used exclusively in all age groups.
6. Handouts: Vendors, etc.
7. Video Library: We have put together a small group of baseball videos that cover some of the main topics
number in teaching the fundamentals of baseball. You can borrow them for one week.
8. Procedure for Umpires and game-ending procedures: All games will have a scorecard that is to be signed by both coaches and umpires. Umpires are to turn these in at the end of each game. The final score will be record number of pitches and the number of innings that each pitcher pitched.
9. Dates to Remember: See website.
10. Jim Cover Memorial Day Tournament: Will begin on Saturday the 27th of May and end on Monday the 29th. This tournament is a sanctioned USSSA Tournament and is wood bat only. We have the DiIorio Tournament on June 16th-18th..
11. Fundraisers: We have some fundraising ideas in the Runyon office. There are some simple things with group sales that anybody can do. Presale car wash tickets can make you $500 in no time.
12. Rainouts and Cancellations: Make sure all parents and relatives are signed up on our rained out program. Text 84483, then type in the keyword provided by your coach.
13. Website:
14. Parent Meeting: You need to lay out what your plans are for the season, fundraising, tournaments, practices, etc.
15. Scorekeeping: We will provide a scorekeeping clinic for anyone that needs the help on Monday, March 27th, at 7:00 PM in the back room at Runyon Field.
16. Coaching Clinics:
Two (2) clinics are mandatory for all new coaches before you get your coaching ID Card.
The coaches’ registration meeting does NOT count as one of the clinics.
All coaches must be wearing a Runyon ID card to be on the field. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!
All of these clinics are at Runyon Field in the back room or on the field.

February 20th 7:00 PM: How to run a 75-minute practice – In back conference room 1 Hour
March 11th 1:00: 3:00 PM: Pick up balls, both baseball, and softball
March 13th Week of march 13th 2:00-4:00 PM pick up Balls at Runyon, All teams
March 18th 11:00 AM: Pitching clinic, during Hobbs Tournament 1 Hour
March 18th 12:15 AM: Running a great practice with proper warmup 1 Hour, 15 min.
March 21st 7:00 PM: Scorekeeping and tracking pitches- In back conference room 1 Hour
March 27th Games Begin