2017 Season


Important Dates To Remember

Teams that wish to play Am. Div. I must turn in all info by Fed 23rd.
March 3rd – Registration Deadline for all teams and individual players.

Coaches must black out the online dates that their team will be in tournaments by March 3rd. You will be allowed 7 Tournament weekend dates blocked out. Those that want to take random days off can do so as well up to 7 days. No changes after the 3rd. All background checks must be completed online by this time to ensure you have a photo card ready for your first game. The USSSA fee will be taken care of by Runyon this year and out of “Pueblo County” participants will be charged their $25 fee at the time the register.

March 11th (Sat) – You will pick up baseballs and softballs and any questions answered at that time. Each team will get two dozen game balls that are to be used for games. Check our price list below if you want to buy additional balls.
1:00 – 3:00

March 27th – Baseball League play begins.

Wood Bats – Wood Bats will be used exclusively here in the Runyon league and the Runyon Sponsored tournaments. They will be available in the Runyon Office for a variety of Prices. We have a large selection of bats here.

2017 Rawlings Baseball Pricing



ROLBSO $50.00 Per Doz. High School Level
ROLB1XSO $40.00 Per Doz Youth Ball

2016 Rawlings Softball Pricing

Dream Seam 12inch PX2RYLSO $75.00 Per Doz
Dream Seam 11inch PX11RTLSO $75.00 Per Doz

The “SO” stands for Special Order which is our Runyon Logo

The Runyon office has baseballs, gloves and other equipment for sale.

Beacon brochure on preventing injuries in young pitchers

Mike Epstein article on “Why Don’t We Copy the Best?” and Barry Bonds swing analysis