Make Up Policy and Procedure

Makeup is defined as a game postponed due to weather or other conditions unforeseen circumstances.

You must go to the All-Pro Schedule website for your league. ( there are different All-Pro links for baseball and softball as well as the late summer league )

All-Pro Software Schedules, Scores and Standings (Spring/Summer baseball)
All-Pro Software Summer League Schedules, Scores and Standings (Summer League – baseball )
All-Pro Software Softball Schedules, Scores and Standings  ( Softball )

Open up the link of the league you are in and go to location schedule. ( there is a schedule for each field )

Make Up Policy and Procedure

Now open the field that you play on. ( Remember the 10’s and the 12 yr old baseball play at two different sites. 10’s at Corsentino and Galarraga and the 12’s at Salas and Galarraga )

At the top of the location schedules it says, ( To see this schedule in calendar format, Click Here ) If you click on this, a calendar version of the schedule will come up and you may look at the open time slots on that particular field. You must follow the correct times by observing the time that have been used for each day such as: ( Corsentino games are played at 5:30 and 7:30 during the week ) Weekend times would be different.

Find a time that is suitable for both teams. Email this in to Charlie and he will make the change.

Keep in mind that there are very few available times so we try to play when ever possible. Games being changed should ONLY be due to an emergency or bad weather conditions. This is why you have assistant coaches.